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  • Will there be different color options for the hardware?
    Yes. The bezel cap and main body, and base (Desk version) or ceiling mount (Pendant version), will be available in Black and White. We will also be offering some limited edition colors when we launch on Kickstarter. Stay tuned!
  • Will there be different models of the Barava Light?
    Yes, for sure. We will be offering both Desk and Pendant versions of the Barava Light. Both will work on standard 110 power (U.S. spec).
  • Can colored lighting improve my mood?
    Lighting colors can invoke all kinds of different emotions. With thousands of lighting combinations available at the touch of your finger, Barava Light can help set the mood. Want to invoke creative energy or suppress hunger? Maybe you need a little more romance in your life? Maybe you are calmed by cool colors, like violets, blues and greens? Or maybe you're looking to warm things up and get the party started? Once Barava Light starts shipping, each order will include a Quick Start Guide that will provide a general overview regarding color themes and color moods. We'll do our best to point you in the right direction when it comes to setting the mood lighting.
  • How does Barava Light work as a smart home device?
    Barava can handle Alexa commands and essentially work as an Alexa device. It can also connect to Alexa devices.
  • How many light color arrays and possible color combinations are there?
    Honestly, we can't count that high. Let's just say, "The possibilities are near endless". We will however preload the Barava Light with our top 20, "Color Themes". Themes like Tropical Sunset which mimics an amazing sunset on a tropical beach, and Atlantis which mimics a mystical underwater array of seafoam green and aqua marine blue. Simply touch the light to cycle through a variety of pre-programmed themes. Easily create your own themes from the Barava app to set your lighting color scheme to fit your room, decor, or change it up on game day to show your team spirit. Want lighting that matches your corporate brand colors? Barava does it all.
  • Why did you decide to crowdfund the Barava Light?
    Honestly, it sounded like a fun way to go. Each of the founders have successfully funded businesses via traditional finance (bootstrapping, investors and loan finance). In this new age of digital media and crowd funding we wanted to take a crack at it. It's so exciting to give users an opportunity to connect with us from the beginning. To be founders of our company and share in our passion. As entrepreneurs, crowd funding offers us a truly unique and special way to connect with the world at large. It's very exciting to us and we welcome all of the challenges.
  • Who is Barava and what's your story?
    It all started in 2016. Company founders Johnny Betz and Gavin Curtis owned and operated manufacturing businesses for over twenty years. Johnny started out as a machinist in the Aerospace industry as a teenager, and by his early 20s, he became a Journeyman toolmaker. He then moved on to the tooling design and engineering department, so he knows a thing or two about manufacturing. It's his number one business passion! Inspired to take on a new engineering challenge, Johnny presented his friend Gavin Curtis with a Photoshop rendering of the Barava Light concept. Gavin and Johnny met back in the late 90s at a microchip encapsulation company that built the automated machines and molds. Gavin was the lead electronics engineer, and Johnny ran the tool and die shop, machining, and manufacturing. Gavin is an absolute genius electronics engineer. He started as a kid and was featured in the local newspaper for doing out of the box electronics projects. He single-handedly did all of the engineering for the printed circuit boards (PCB) and electronics for the Barava Light. While Gavin still has an employee-owned company, he has stepped away over the last few years to dedicate his time to the Barava Light. ​​Serendipitously, Craig Caraway, a highly skilled programmer developer, happened to work at the same chip manufacturing company as Gavin and Johnny. While discussing their need for a programmer, Craig popped into their minds one day. Just moments after this conversation, they both had the same thought: 'I wonder if Craig would be available to help us?' And just like that, the phone rang, and Craig was on the line. Since then, Craig has exceeded their expectations with his work. Fired up with excitement, they started a patent search for the product, Barava is now patent pending; Johnny sold his business and moved to Gavin's hometown to work on prototypes and concepts. As entrepreneurs, Johnny and Gavin have faced countless roadblocks, but their determination just keeps them pushing forward. When they started this project, the Barava was a simple liquid hanging LED lamp with added lighting features. They knew that they would be integrating computer controls for the LED's and digital heating algorithims. While looking into the chip-set technology requirements, they said why not, let's make this a smart home device, incorporating IoT technology bringing their vision to life. As fate would have it, Johnny's 18-year-old son Ian is a self-taught programmer who has been creating his own video games, graphics, and networking for years. He has done almost all the LED lighting controls, animations, and app controls for the Barava. His working with Craig has given the programming a fresh look from a younger person's perspective. Without the hard work of all the talented people, this project wouldn't have come to fruition. With that, Barava LLC is excited to introduce the innovative LED hanging liquid light, Barava. Drawing inspiration from retro nostalgia, this revolutionary new product comes equipped with an exciting range of features that reimagine the conventional liquid lamp. The Barava Light seamlessly blends elevated design with cutting-edge technology to transform the classic liquid lamp into a modern-day masterpiece built for the 21st century.
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